Our attorneys are more than just lawyers.  They are dedicated members of the community.  We are both actively involved in the Hispanic Community in the Greater Salt Lake Area.  Our lives are irreversibly intertwined with the immigrant culture of Utah and the United States as a whole.  We know what it means to each person and each family when an Immigration Attorney is needed.  We are here for you, dedicated to your success and prosperity.


We have more than 10 years of combined experience in U.S. Immigration Law.  Our experience extends to the practice of Immigration Law in almost every state and the representation of clients from all over the world.  We have appeared before immigration judges in 3 states including Utah, California, and Washington.


Our clients trust us because we listen, we are honest, and we are straightforward about your situation.  Many times, lawyers will give you the answer you want to hear in hopes of you hiring them.  We never do that.  We always give you your options directly and honestly.  If you have received several different answers from other attorneys, call us.  We will get to the bottom of your case and tell you what you really need to know.


We offer flexible interest-free payment plans to suit your budget.  We accept most major credit cards.  We offer automatic payments to give you one less thing to worry about every month.  Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams.  We want to see you and your family thrive in the United States.  We also offer large discounts when paying up front or with cash.


Many lawyers forget that their true purpose is to serve their clients.  There is no confusion here.  Our number one priority is you and your family.  It is our greatest pleasure when our clients achieve their dreams.  This law firm is about helping people.